Buckle tourniquet

The snap-on tourniquet consists of two parts, a plastic buckle and an elastic band. It is a new type of tourniquet, which is different from the traditional tourniquet. It is directly fixed by a plastic buckle, and it is not easy to loosen after fixing, so it is more convenient and reliable to use.

Features of snap/buckle tourniquet:

1. Convenient and safe   
2. Can be reused after disinfection  
3. Letters and pictures can be printed on the stretch belt and plastic buckle.

Comparison with traditional tourniquet:

Traditional tourniquets, whether they are latex tourniquets, non-latex tourniquets or rubber tubes, are used in the same way: after selecting the site of the tourniquet, place a cloth strip there and tighten the tourniquet. After wrapping the limbs for two weeks, tie the knot, and the tension should be appropriate to observe that the wound does not bleed.

Advantages of TMI Tourniquets:

The material used on TMI Tourniquets’ buckle is Taiwan ChiMei’s new 757 ABS material. The quality of this material is outstanding. In addition, the material used for our elastic belt is mercerized cotton plus 32# old Thailand rubber band. The woven belt is very elastic after sizing. The elasticity has not changed much after thousands of times of use. The expansion ratio reaches 1.5-2.0.